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Welcome to the Financial Architect System™ – the first component of our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™.


The Corporate Engineering Conservatory™ is an umbrella platform that utilizes a variety of systems designed to take any company from Idea to IPO.

Our Financial Architect System™ has 3 inter-dependent steps.


The first component is PREPARATION. This is accomplished with completing the Financial Architect Course™. This course gives you the solid foundation of knowledge regarding the U. S. capital markets and the securities industry necessary to effectively raise capital. More specifically, by the end of the Financial Architect Course™, you should know how to:

  • Properly valuate your company, structure the terms or “deal” and price the securities for your company’s securities-offering, so that you don’t sell too much of the company, too early, for too little.

  • Produce a complete securities-offering document for legal-counsel review, at a mere fraction of the traditional cost involved.

  • Effectively sell those securities to raise significant amounts of capital for your company and maintain the vast majority of your equity ownership and voting control.

  • And finally, properly manage the critical professional relationships necessary for continued securities compliance.

The second component is PRODUCTION. This is where you get hands-on and apply what you’ve just learned to construct the proper “deal structure” as well as the actual securities-offering document, at a mere fraction of the traditional costs involved.


The third and final component is EXECUTION. This is now where the rubber meets the road. You will learn how to sell your company’s securities effectively in compliance with federal & state laws directly to investors or through a broker-dealer.


The first two chapters of the Financial Architect Course™ are completely free. These are the two most vital chapters designed to help you arrive at making “a qualified decision” as to whether or not further exploring a securities-offering is right for your Company’s capitalization needs.

While the Financial Architect System™ is no substitute for proper legal counsel, accounting or corporate finance advice, it is designed to dramatically increase your probability of successfully raising capital in the United States, like never before.


How can we make such a claim? Because, through decades of experience, we have simply brought the “Wall Street process” to “Main Street companies.” In fact, if the concepts and processes taught in this course didn’t work, then Wall Street wouldn’t exist.


The demand for capital by entrepreneurs and the amount of capital available today from investors is greater than any time in history, however the lack of quality companies to invest in creates a huge gap. Our Financial Architect System™ bridges that gap.

These Financial Architect Courses are delivered exclusively online through Commonwealth Capital's 
Institute of Financial Architects.

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Financial Architect Courses

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Start-Up & Eary-Stage Companies

No payment to enroll. Chapters 1 & 2 are complimentary.

This course is for Start-Up & Early-Stage companies seeking seed or development capital. This course is designed for the entrepreneur who already has a basic understanding of business finance. The course objectives are two-fold:


  1. Develop a basic understanding of the U.S. Capital Markets & Securities Laws, Rules & Regulations, in general, and

  2. Obtain the knowledge necessary  to make a “qualified decision” if a securities-offering is right for your Start-Up or Early-Stage Company’s capitalization needs.

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Later-Stage Companies

No payment to enroll. Chapters 1 & 2 are complimentary.


This robust course is designed for Later-Stage Companies seeking expansion capital. The course is designed as a true “power play” for the experienced entrepreneur of a Later-Stage Company as they enter “shark infested” waters of institutional investors. The course objectives are two-fold:


  1. In addition to the knowledge and skill sets included here from the Start-Up and Early-Stage course, the entrepreneur gains richer insight into selling company securities directly to financial institutions and how to buy assets, services and entire companies using securities as currency, and

  2. Empowers the entrepreneur with the ability to build an internal finance department that functions as a “mini-financial institution,” providing the entrepreneur practical, financial power when seeking growth through acquisitions

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Professional Service Providers

No payment to enroll. Chapters 1 & 2 are complimentary.

This advanced course is designed as an entrance for Attorneys, Accountants and Investment Advisors seeking to join the world of corporate finance, legitimately. Here, one learns how to position one’s practice for incubating “quality deal flow” for their professional services.  Learn how to easily filter deal flow and “cherry pick” those quality companies that have the highest probability of success. Learn how to “earn” cash and equity on a tax deferred basis and build your own private investment portfolio of pre-IPO companies.


Up your game, or be shut out by those who do.


This course is scheduled to become available for CPE credits by mid-year 2022.

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Train for Success

The first two course chapters of the Financial Architect Course™ are complimentary, as they are designed to enable you to make “a qualified decision” whether or not to continue the challenge by finishing the entire Financial Architect Course™.