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Our Managing Directors generally come from backgrounds directly related to the world of corporate finance, law, mergers & acquisitions, as well as accounting. Managing Directors leverage their time and reach by introducing Alliances and Affiliates that in turn introduce many start-up and early-stage companies who seek seed, development or expansion capital into our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™.


There, these companies self-incubate their capital structure correctly and raise capital directly from investors or through brokers-dealers. These potential pre-IPO companies pay us a modest, monthly subscription fee. If chosen to be in our VC Fund—Commonwealth Capital Income Fund–I, we receive a small percentage of their common and preferred equity, as well.


Our Managing Directors are paid 50% of ALL net subscription revenue, as well as 50% of all equity obtained by us, from the companies they refer that become included in our VC Fund—Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I.


Yes, that’s right, Managing Directors are true partners, that’s why our selection and due diligence process is so thorough.


If you’d like to apply to become a Managing Director with Commonwealth Capital, please submit the registration form to get started.

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General Associate
(no cost)
  • General Associate Distributor License

  • 30% Revenue Sales Commission

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Master Associate
  • Master Associate Distributor License

  • 50% Revenue Sales Commission

  • 5% Supervision Commission

  • Lifetime Conservatory Membership

  • Preferred Conservatory Placement 

  • Buyback License Guarantee 

  • Re-sellable License Terms