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Our Managing Enterprises are organizations directly related to the world of small business, finance, law, mergers & acquisitions, as well as accounting.


Managing Enterprises leverage their time and reach by introducing Alliances and Affiliates that in turn introduce many start-up and early-stage companies who seek seed, development or expansion capital into our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™.


There, these companies self-incubate their capital structure correctly and raise capital directly from investors or through brokers-dealers. These potential pre-IPO companies pay us a modest, monthly subscription fee. If chosen to be in our VC Fund—Commonwealth Capital Income Fund–I, we receive a small percentage of their common and preferred equity, as well.


Our Managing Enterprises are paid 50% of ALL net subscription revenue, as well as 50% of all equity obtained by us, from the companies they refer that become included in our VC Fund; Commonwealth Capital Income Fund–I.


Yes, that’s right, Managing Enterprises are true partners, which is why our selection and due diligence process is so thorough.

If you’d like to apply for your organization to become a Managing Enterprise, please submit the registration form to get started.

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General Associate
(no cost)
  • General Associate Distributor License

  • 30% Revenue Sales Commission

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Master Associate
  • Master Associate Distributor License

  • 50% Revenue Sales Commission

  • 5% Supervision Commission

  • Lifetime Conservatory Membership

  • Preferred Conservatory Placement 

  • Buyback License Guarantee 

  • Re-sellable License Terms