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Commonwealth Capital is a Venture Capital Mgmt. Co. comprised of former Wall Street Investment Bankers and experts in compliance matters related to selling securities. Commonwealth Capital is the manager of Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I.

We have been capitalizing start-up and early-stage companies—exclusively since 1998. However, unlike other venture capital funds or investment banks, we do not utilize outside investor capital which places our fiduciary duty solely with the entrepreneur, not the investor.


As our main focus, we apply proven corporate engineering practices designed to create value, enabling our portfolio companies to easily attract investment capital, as well as management talent.


In addition, we do not seek control of these companies, nor force early exits, as we earn convertible participating preferred equity with stated dividends and call protection for our participation in the process.

Simply stated, we bring Wall Street to Main Street.

Our Affiliates earn generous cash commissions from subscriptions to our Financial Architect Courses™, as well as our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™.

If you’d like to be considered for the position of Affiliate Partner, please select your plan and register to get started.

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General Affiliate
(no cost)
  • General Affiliate Distributor License

  • 30% Revenue Sales Commission

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Master Affiliate
  • Master Affiliate Distributor License

  • 50% Revenue Sales Commission

  • 5% Supervision Commission

  • Lifetime Conservatory Membership

  • Preferred Conservatory Placement 

  • Buyback License Guarantee 

  • Re-sellable License Terms